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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

UFOs may be real, but not crafted by ETs, not at all!

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If you scour the UFO canon, the UFO lore or literature, carefully and seriously, you can only conclude that UFOs may be real but there is nothing in that batch of folderol that would indicate UFOs are spacecraft from extraterrestrial worlds; nothing, not even anything circumstantial.

An encounter with “humanoids” – a favorite “UFO genre” of mine – presents either a glob of hallucinatory accounts or something bizarre in a way that has nothing to do with beings from outer space or alien civilizations from the cosmos.

There is nothing tangible or even tangentially close to showing something that might be construed as or indicative of an extraterrestrial civilization that has dropped by this Earth.

Each UFO encounter and every UFO sighting is mundane in every way even when the sightings or encounter is flush with extraordinary elements.

Not one UFO event – from Kenneth Arnold’s iconic sighting to the Betty/Barney Hill alleged kidnapping, Socorro, the 1976 Tehran supposed interaction, or the Phoenix lights, even the O’Hare airport observations, et cetera, et cetera – has anything that would hint at an ET intrusion.

Yes, I believe UFOs are a real phenomenon. What the essence of that phenomenon is eludes minds better than mine.

But if you have one UFO sighting where the details of it include something that only can be thought to be extraterrestrial, let me know.

We humans have no idea what an extraterrestrial civilization or ET visitors might consist of or how they would appear or act if encountered, but none would, if one uses common sense, present themselves as described by witness reports.

Flying fast and making 180 degree turns isn’t proof of extraterrestrial acumen.

Being oddly clothed (and they rarely are in witness accounts) says nothing about an alien dress code.

Speaking (or telepathing thoughts) isn’t a sign of an advanced alien culture. (It’s more like evidence of a schizophrenic bout by the witness.)

Disappearing in a whiff of smoke or just going invisible says nothing about an ET explanation. It’s strange, yes, but otherworldly? Nope.

The ET explanation is a group delusion of most ufologists and UFO buffs.

It’s not logical or based upon any forensic evidence that could only be considered extraterrestrial, if we had any idea what “extraterrestrial evidence” might be.

That every UFO sighting is hinted as being alien (extraterrestrial), even by news media, confounds the simplicity of sightings, which are queer surely, but not containing one iota of anything that could smack of an extraterrestrial presence, nothing!



  • But we still know ETs exist. Who the hell built those canals on Mars? We didn't, so it must have been ETs. Q.E.D.

    By Blogger cda, at Tuesday, May 23, 2017  

  • UFOs are both REAL and ET.

    By Blogger Don Maor, at Tuesday, May 23, 2017  

  • Sorry, Don...

    They may be real but not ET craft.....no way.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, May 23, 2017  

  • For what it's worth: Reality is the state of things as they exist, not as they appear or as they are imagined.

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Tuesday, May 23, 2017  

  • OMG, Tim...

    Reality? That's more complicated than consciousness.

    (I have a book coming, another one, dealing with the very issue. I'll make sure to input something here to provide a colloquy.)


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, May 24, 2017  

  • The UFOs of relatively recent years, specifically the huge flying triangles, are only seen over friendly territory and almost never near military bases with the resources to understand what the object might be. No triangles will ever fly over North Korea because they would instantly be the recipients of gunfire. Triangles are some kind of anti-gravity craft built by the United States government for purposes unknown but probably a space program begun in the 1940s and continued via black budgeting in parallel with NASA since 1957.

    By Blogger Unknown, at Monday, May 29, 2017  

  • Okay, but then where's that other shoe? It's not really fair to say it isn't but then not suggest what it is. What are they then? Once we say UFOs exist, but that they're not extraterrestrial, we can only conclude that they're "Intra"-terrestrial. Or us.

    So are you saying they're us from the future then? That would seem terribly dangerous and reckless, what with all the unknowable historical anomalies lurking in those kind of contacts, and the law of unintended consequences, etc. You know, the whole reason behind the Star Trek no-contact rule.

    Is contact from our time-traveling descendants your theory to explain UFOs?

    By Blogger Jum, at Tuesday, May 30, 2017  

  • Jum:

    I only surmise that UFOs are not ET craft, for the reasons often cited here, but the possibility exists; it's just not a probability for me.

    As to what UFOs are, I've offered a number of alternative "explanations" here -- my own and those of others.

    The enduring interest I have in UFOs (as do others) is that they remain open to explanation, ET and otherwise.

    I wouldn't presume to offer my speculations as monuments from above, given ex cathedra.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, May 30, 2017  

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